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An Overview of CHS Clubs and Organizations by Ramneet Kaur and Tejaswee Patel

Basketball Club: The main that we do as basketball club is organize the March tournament that is going on right now. It usually starts in early March and goes through the end of April. It’s just like a fun tournament for everyone to play in. It is a 3 v 3 tournament and we just play at the hoop [here at the CHS campus]. Another thing we do is work with COM (College of Medicine) to play in their tournament which is on April 20th this year so if anyone wants to come check that out. That happens at a high school in Elk Grove. It’s a tournament where we have a team, the medical school has three teams, pharmacy has two teams, and there is a staff team, and Kaiser has a couple of teams, and Davis had a team last year I don’t think they do this year. This is the first year we are participating in that and if that goes well we are going to do that every year. Other than that, we have meetings to just discuss basketball in general if anyone enjoys watching basketball or playing basketball we usually end up playing every day. Any one that is in basketball club and wants to play I usually ask them to give me their number and I’ll just text them to come play with us. It’s a very informal club, it’s just for anyone that enjoys basketball in general. -Sahib Bhatia

Pharmacy Club:

Pharmacy club is a club that involves learning more about the field of pharmacy through hands-on experiences and interactions with pharmacists and current pharmacy students at COP. Pharmacy club gives students a chance to explore different parts of the field of pharmacy and get a sense of the different job opportunities in the field. Students are exposed to current research done in pharmaceutical sciences, in order to broaden the range of pharmacy for each individual.

-Anmolpreet Kaur


The club is mainly focused on empowering students to be effective global citizens by advocating, building community, fundraising, and speaking out for the world’s most vulnerable children. -Michelle Pham

Breakfast Club:

The mission of Breakfast Club is to provide an easy way to socialize with our peers and be able to hang out with people who we may not normally be around. Our club plans to organize events and have our members show up at the time allotted. Activities that Breakfast Club may do include picnics, river rafting, movie nights, trips to amusement parks or other locations, among many other fun activities. We are looking forward to bringing CNU students closer together. -Julia Diamant

CHSMA: The CHS Medical Association organizes events such as blood drives, suture clinics, guest speakers, and other medicine related affairs.

Chess Club: Hello, my name is Vinay Channaveerappa. I am one of the founders and the current president of the CNSU CHS Chess Club. We started the Chess Club as a way to help the students at CHS relax and destress after classes. We also wanted to promote active thinking and strategy planning in a fun way. Our mission is to provide an escape for the students at CHS and bring them a game that they may have in common to socialize, compete with one another, and just have fun. We know that chess is a big hit at this school since we are always seeing a crowd huddled around one of our chess sets, playing a casual game. We are always looking for more members; with enough people signed up we are even considering planning larger tournaments, possibly with other campuses. We hope to see more people join us in the years to come. Cheers! -Vinay Channaveerappa

Sports Medicine Club: Sports medicine club it’s not just solely based on sports medicine, the reason it’s named that is because it deals with biomechanics and sports medicine encompasses all the biomechanics. It’s really meant to further the understanding of anatomy but put it into more practical use. So if you know how a knee works and functions and how it moves, then that’s the biomechanics aspect of it. Then if someone gets injured in the knee, how would you diagnose them and what would you diagnose them with and go through every aspect. So we do a lot with special tests. What special tests are: tests used by all medical practitioners, they diagnose the particular aspect, so if a person has an ACL tear then you do a special test called the Lachman’s. You’re basically gonna move the tibia anteriorly and the test will determine the laxity in the ACL to see if it’s actually torn. So that’s just a little example of what a special test is, and we’ll do stuff with CPR, range of motion of joints, comparing athletes versus nonathletes, and reflex testing, literally anything practical that could be applied in medicine. It’s supposed to be fun but there’s a lot of information If you’re interested in becoming a doctor then you’ll learn this stuff eventually, so it’s literally what you’re going to learn in med school in your bachelor’s program. -Mark Rimmer

Fusion Dance Club: CNU Fusion Dance is a new club at CNUCHS where we strive to practice the art form of dance, while building relationships with fellow peers. This inclusive environment strives to teach students a variety of different dance forms all the way from Bollywood to Jazz. This club puts on shows at CNU's Annual Talent Show, Culture Night, and at many incoming student events. If you are looking to make friends or just dance, then CNU Fusion Dance is the perfect fit! -Anand Singh

Health and Fitness Club:

This club is focused on getting into better all-around shape. The club will be offering leisurely runs and jogs in areas surrounding the school and may expand into other activities as well.

Environmental Health Club: The purpose of the Environmental Health club is to encourage, advocate, and promote the California Northstate University, College of Health Sciences community to become more involved in the field of Environmental Health. We seek to become more informed in public health issues that are impacted by the environment and to take action to advocate for a safe and healthy environment for all communities. -Lauren Hisatomi


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