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Physically Fit Through College

By: Patrick Reed~


As a college student that is taking on a full load of classes and drowning in work, how do I stay physically fit?

People ask me this question nearly on a daily basis, whether it be my friends, family, or just random people that want to stay in shape. Exercise is something that everyone should partake in a couple times a week. Studies done by Live Strong claim that to stay healthy and keep your body in shape, the normal 18-year-old should have at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. Some people think that this number is insane How am I supposed to work out for over two hours a week, sleep, and study?

College students know how precious time is, and how just 30 more minutes of sleep really could’ve been useful. The thing I realized is that students waste a lot of time on things they don’t even realize. A study done by Dr. Sandy Andrews showed that the average young adult spends 5 hours using technology every day, and half can go towards leisure[1] Utilizing your time is key and getting off your phone is one key way to do so.

Now, since you’ve planned your day and gotten off your phone, you’re at the gym. The number one fear of people at the gym is intimidation: you’re scared to grab the light weight and look weaker than the person next to you. Don’t be! The person that looks like their bicep is the size of their head started out where you did, so grab the appropriate weight and do the exercise properly.

If anyone wants gym advice or someone to go with them, I’m always available to talk, so let me know.

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