Meet The Team

Lead Editor

My name is Anusri Yanumula, and I am a third-year 3+4 BSMD student. In addition to leading CHS Sideline, I have spent the last few years involving myself with campus life at CHS through drug discovery research and PAL-ing for General and Organic Chemistry. I was born and raised in Troy, Michigan, but I hate cold weather, and I especially hate snow. In my free time, I like to sing, dance, and eat ice cream. I enjoy expressing myself through the art of writing, and as an editor and cofounder of CHS Sideline, I hope to continue bringing out the voice of the student body and promoting our student life.

Managing Editor

I am Darren Nguyen, currently a 2nd year 3+4 student in the BSMD program. I am the Managing Editor for CHS Sideline. My job is to regularly update the website with posts and aesthetic changes. My contributions to Sideline include writing book reviews for C.J Box’s Joe Pickett series. So far, I have managed to cover 2 out of the 17 books he has published. I do plan on writing reviews on every book in the Joe Pickett series before I graduate. However, I am open to review other books, if enough readers suggest it. My hobbies include swimming, reading, and playing games (namely Fire Emblem). My goals for this semester include regular updates to Sideline, getting to at least 10 book reviews inthe Joe Pickett Series, and keeping up with academics.

Public Relations Editors 

Hello! My name is Michelle Pham.  I am the co-public relations director for Sideline. With Sideline, I aim to connect students with the latest news involving CNU. Currently, I am a first-year student in the 2+4 BS/MD program. Outside of Sideline, I am also the president of the campus’s UNICEF club. When I’m not studying, I enjoy cycling, reading poetry, and roller-skating!

My name is Tejaswee Patel and I am in the 3+4 BS/MD program. I am the co-public relations director for Sideline and help with outreach and promoting the website. My goal with Sideline is to promote the website, as well as CHS, to the community. I’m a pretty outdoorsy person, and I love hiking and kayaking during my free time. Other than studying, I spend my weekends relaxing while watching Youtube videos or hanging out with friends.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. William Davis

My first degrees are in literature, and I got my start in academia teaching English at the high school and college levels in the U.S. and Mexico. While pursuing my doctorate, I served as Managing Editor for Techné: Journal for the Society of Philosophy and Technology ( As a contributor, I have been a member of the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective ( since its inception and have had the opportunity to collaborate with scholars/writers from a variety of disciplines. As Faculty Advisor of CHS Sideline since we began in 2017, I have had the opportunity to work alongside a growing group of dedicated students. From this group of contributors, I continue to learn a great deal about writing, video, and audio production in a digital age.  

Sideline Contributers

Hey everyone! My name is Jashandeep Bajaj, and I am a current first-year in the 3+4 BS/MD program here at CHS. A few things that I like to do outside of school are reading, working out, and hanging out with friends. I would say that running has become a hobby of mine now due to the years I’ve spent in Cross Country and racing on the track.  Most recently, I have started to get into video editing and have tried to pick up a few things here and there on my own. One of my goals right now is to launch Sideline Studios, a dedicated digital multimedia and video platform that would be a part of our school newspaper platform. I look forward to being part of the Sideline team by sharing my experience and ideas in the forms of articles, podcasts, and videos.

My name is Roop Dab, and I am a first-year student in the 3+4 BS/MD program. I am originally from Dayton, OH. In high school, I was involved in a PhD level research project studying the effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer at The University of Cincinnati. I also was the leader of Model UN club and Red Cross Club. Aside from school, I also enjoy reading and dancing. I have done both Classical Indian dancing, as well as a traditional folk dance style from North India called Bhangra.

My name is Raveena Jalota. I am a first-year in the 3+4 BS/MD program. I am originally from SoCal. My favorite class in high school was Physics. Outside of school, I enjoy listening to music, hiking, and performing in various forms of community service. I plan on becoming an Endocrinologist and specializing in Diabetes.

My name is Shreya Kalavala, and I am a first year in the 3 +4 BS/MD program. I am from Kansas, but I am currently loving the California sun. A few of my favorite things are foodie adventures, lacrosse, cheese, and dancing. In the future, I would love to become a neurosurgeon and conduct research on the side. Research has always been a passion of mine; throughout high school, I studied the progression of Type II Diabetes. I love to write, and I am looking forward to putting skills to use on CHS Sideline.

My name is Paarth Kansal, and I am currently a first-year student at CHS. I am originally from Southern California, moved to Rancho Cordova last summer, and started my time at CNU in the Summer of 2018. I enjoy spending my time reading, watching movies, playing mobile and computer games, and playing the ukulele. I am interested in joining Sideline in order to write articles on different topics.

My name is Ramneet Kaur. I am a first-year student at California Northstate University, studying to achieve my goal of having a career in medicine. Currently, I am the Secretary of Student Government, where we voice student concerns at CHS. Some hobbies that I enjoy are reading and playing soccer. Goals that I try to achieve in my day-to-day life include working as hard as I possibly can on topics that I do and do not understand. The work that I put in is filled with passion, because I know that one day, this knowledge may play a part in helping someone live their life to the fullest.

My name is Anand Singh, and I am currently a first-year student in the 3+4 BS/MD program at California Northstate University College of Health Sciences (CNUCHS). I cannot wait to contribute to Sideline as a huge advocate for students’ voices here at CNUCHS. Besides school, some of my hobbies include running, Bollywood dancing, and hanging out with my friends as much as possible. I hope to provide a voice for students through constant interactions with our growing student population. As the founder of CNU Fusion Dance Club, I hope to represent this club in Sideline as a way to grow both of our student organizations. Similarly, I hope to publish more information on the research I am part of at CHS. Lastly, I cannot wait for this upcoming term, and I am excited to join the Sideline family!

My name is Dildeep Singh, and I am 20 years old. I am a student at California Northstate University, and am a Pre-Med student. My dream is to join Doctors Without Borders and travel around the world to give aid.  My hobbies include playing Dilruba, off-roading, hiking, volunteering, flying (student private pilot), and learning.

My name is Amreen Sunil and I am a first-year student in the 3 + 4 BS/MD program at California Northstate University. I am originally from the Bay Area and went to Mission San Jose High School. In high school, I was involved in the Health-e-Heart study at UCSF which helped develop the ECG feature in Apple watches. I look forward to becoming a doctor through the BS/MD program and I am excited to explore all the opportunities available in the field as a physician and as a researcher. In my free time, I love playing the piano, dancing, going on long nature walks, and eating biryani. I have always loved reading and writing as a child, but never got the opportunity to take part in a newspaper. I am really excited to contribute to CHS Sideline this semester.

My name is Christopher Wostenberg, and most of you know me as part of the chemistry duo. I got my undergraduate degrees (B.S. in Biochemistry and B.S. in Mathematics) from Cal State, Long Beach and my Ph.D. in Chemistry from Penn State University.  After a short stint at Colorado University, Boulder as a Post-Doc, I got my first full-time teaching position at CHS in June of 2015. Outside of work, my time is spent with my wife and daughter. I enjoy cooking, watching movies, listening to music, playing all kinds of games, and reading. I look forward to being a contributor to CHS Sideline by sharing my experiences and knowledge in the form of reviews.

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