Fall 2021

Service Partners

project Optimism


Project Optimism is a nonprofit organization founded by Armoni Easley and Ishmael Pruiit; this organization works to embed an optimistic mindset into their community members in order for them to be productive contributors to society. They focus on assisting the community through three main initiatives: community engagement, events for a cause, and youth mentorship programs. To promote community engagement, Project Optimism brings volunteers to community events in the areas that they work nearby, with volunteer opportunities varying from helping the homeless, developing workshops, toy drives, and more. To raise funds for supporting the community around them, Project Optimism hosts Positive Images Events for a Cause, including events to help nonprofits, schools, college scholarships, people fighting illnesses, and more. Project Optimism also holds youth mentorship programs, which works with 4th through 12th grade students. These programs have mentors that provide community members with the support and advice they need to succeed in their future. The ultimate goal of these programs are to inspire productive contributing members to society by allowing individuals to communicate with college students that would be able to understand their background and encourage them not to be restrained to their situations. We served with our community partner by creating workshops to educate middle and high school students and short challenge videos to encourage others to take positive action. Through the experience, we learned essential skills needed for teamwork, collaboration, and positive interaction with communities.

Student Contributions