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Welcome to Service Learning

Service-learning is an educational approach that allows students to combine their studies with the needs of their community, all while learning profound lessons and information that cannot be found in a classroom setting. This [academic] experience allows for personal growth within a student and helps foster essential character traits that are necessary in being an active community member. Here at California Northstate University College of Health Sciences, service-learning is a unique course as it helps students in health professional careers learn about the intersectionalities between classroom lessons and community involvement.In turn, acquiring these skills will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of how to be an advocate for their community and allow for a strong foundation for their involvement in the healthcare field. 

What We're All About
This video portrays the various perspectives and impacts of service learning at California Northstate University, including both the faculty and students. In this video faculty and students narrate their experiences and growth through this service. 

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