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Fundraising Information and Scheduling


In Fall 2021, CNUCHS partnered up with a non-profit organization which was established in 2016 by co-founders Armoni Easley and Ishmael Pruitt for the service learning practicum course. The organization aims to fulfill unique needs of their community by performing selfless service such as holding community engagement programs, K-college curriculums, educational consulting, and personal & professional development seminars. In attempts to support Project Optimism with their mission to make a change for the community, service learning practicum’s students scheduled multiple fundraisers throughout the semester, some of which include Rubio’s, Panda Express, and Chipotle. Throughout the semester students raised sufficient amount of funds that were be put toward programs offered by Project Optimism. In addition to this, our own fundraising events, which will contribute to our community partners, will be posted here as well.

Current Events

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rubio's fundraiser.jpg
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