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2019 CNU Election Calendar

It is that time of the year for student elections! The period for signups is will end Wednesday October 8th, sign up before then! The list of available positions are listed below:

Student Body Adminstration

MD Program Administration

Other Program Administration

In addition to signing up there are important dates to keep in mind:

9/30: Applications sent out to all students 10/16: Responses are shared with Students 10/23-10/25: Ballot collections, and count 10/28: Election Results are announced!

Updated Calendar

10/31: Election Reopened 11/6: Positions announced

If you have any questions regarding these events please email any Student Government members: Hamza Sultan, Amy, Eileen, Ramneet, Tamana, Darren, Iqbal, Kartik, Bhagvat, or Harleen.

We look forward to seeing you vote for the best candidate possible and attend the candidate's speeches. Sideline will post the Candidate's responses as soon as possible.

May the best candidate win!

UPDATE 10/16:

The Election responses are posted, click here! Cover art from:


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