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An Overview of Sacramento’s Nimbus Dam by Dildeep Kaile

Have you ever wanted to go kayaking, biking, hiking, or swimming? Then check out the Nimbus dam park. The park offers all the amenities you would find in places comparable to Lake Tahoe and more. The Nimbus dam is in Fair oaks and located in between Folsom and Rancho Cordova. The scenic site is only 15 minutes from Rancho Cordova and 35-40 minutes from Elk Grove. The park has picnic sites, kayak stations, and lush trails for CNSU students to enjoy. The public park is home to many marine and aquatic species such as: clams, bass fishes, wild shrimp, and fresh crustaceans. Gather your friends and make unforgettable memories by kayaking, hiking, and swimming! After you are done with these activities, go and enjoy a picnic on the lake with your close friends and family and take a dip in the nice cool water underneath the warm sun. See you at the Lake!


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