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Are You as Brave as a Toaster?

Before Pixar’s Toy Story, there was The Brave Little Toaster. Much like Toy Story, it is a film about the relationship of objects with an owner who does not know the objects are alive. Follow a toaster, a lamp, a blanket, a radio and a vacuum cleaner as they head out on a journey from the country to the city in search of their college-bound owner.

Themes explored in the movie include growing up, friendship, loyalty, and technological obsolescence. The film employs the animation talent of CalArts graduates who would go on to shape animated films from the 1990s onward, including films from Pixar.

If you liked the Toy Story films, join us for The Brave Little Toaster on Friday, June 15th at noon in room 108. Feel free to bring your lunch.

Here is a link to a trailer:


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