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Best Places to Have Fun in Rancho Cordova By Vince Thomas

As pre- med and pre-pharmacy students we are constantly bombarded with loads of work in each of our classes. Assignments and due dates seemingly fill up our calendars. At times all this work can seem overwhelming, which is why it is important that every once in a while, we do something fun and enjoyable to destress and reward ourselves for all the hard work which we have done. Though Rancho Cordova may not be known for being full of over the top attractions or eye-catching views nonetheless there are numerous things to do in and around Rancho which can be fun and enjoyable.


The first such place I would like to mention is Sky High. Sky high is an indoor trampoline park located on Folsom Blvd in Rancho. Inside the building there are various trampoline related things for the visitor to take part in and enjoy. Prior to entering the park all entrees must complete a liability waiver and watch a safety video. Also, if you do not already have grip socks, they must be purchased for $3 prior to entering. Once this is done and you pay the fee, you’re on your way to enjoy all the park has to offer.

Dodgeball is a great option to play with a group of friends, as you will get to jump around while also throwing foam balls as hard as you can at your friends. You can also go to the trampoline area with basketball hoops in order to shoot around or simply practice your dunking abilities. Obstacle courses, rope swings and foam pits are also available for one to test their abilities at. Rock climbing is another option if you’re not in the jumping spirit at a trampoline park and the arcade though small has enough games to keep you entertained.


Monster Mini Golf is another place to hit up with a group of two or more people to have some fun. As the name suggests it is a monster themed mini-golf area with a glow in the dark indoor course. Numerous difficult and simple holes need to be completed to finish the course. You must keep score if your friends and you are playing competitively and would like to know who is winning. A DJ is present to play tunes while you play and arcade games are also available.


One final great place to hit up is the American River. It is approximately $10 for parking and once you find a good parking spot you’re ready to have some fun in the sun. In the heat of the summer swimming is a potential option as is other water related activities such as kayaking or boating. If you have the proper licensing and fishing materials fishing is another great option to kill some time and maybe get a big catch to bring back home. Even if the river itself does not draw you in there are still great trails to simply go walking along near the river. These trails take you into wooded areas with a serene calming vibe which allows you to clear your head and enjoy nature at its peak.

All in all, as college students we have to find ways to take a break and cool down every once in a while. Though we may all complain about how seemingly non-interesting Rancho is, there are things to do and places to have fun in the city. I hope that this article helped give you some ideas on places to hit up soon with your friends to have some fun and take a break from school. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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