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CHS Media and Communications

A good doctor is a good communicator, both in writing and in presentation. As a university geared toward guiding aspiring health care professionals to succeed in their endeavors, CHS is known for its emphasis on mathematics and science courses, but in order to master concepts in those classes, knowledge of content from the humanities is essential!

Are you in need of advice on how to better construct lab reports? Looking for assistance with improving the theme or flow in your essay? Craving a good book? Perhaps you’d like some feedback on a personal statement for professional school or an internship. Whatever you’re seeking, the Media and Communication Studio (MCS) is here for you!

Located in the main CHS building, 2910, the MCS is designed to help students with not only a variety of humanities courses, projects, and topics, but also to provide feedback on any writing assignment. Check out Emily and Jane’s discussion of the MCS to better understand how we can help you!

Happy learning, and we’ll see you there!


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