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CHSMA/COM Medical Clinic

On October 12, 2018, current first-year and second-year medical students at California Northstate University College of Medicine visited our College of Health Sciences for the 2nd Annual CHSMA/COM Medical Clinic. The event was very enjoyable and inspiring for us undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students interested in pursuing medicine. The clinic gave us exposure to some facets of medicine, including medical skills, intubations, CPR/Basic Life Saver strategies, and simple suturing. Students also had the opportunity to gain insight into the medical school admissions process, from the perspective of students that were already in medical school.

This was my second time attending this clinic. It was inspiring to see that a few students that I had studied with for the past two years were now back at CHS, teaching me so many new things! I am happy to see that the College of Health Sciences Medical Association is partnering up with the College of Medicine to bring these resources to us. We would like to see more of such opportunities in the future.

Review by Anusri Yanumula

Top Images Left to Right:

1. M2 student teaches CHS students the suturing technique "simple interrupted" on tissue models

2. Former CHS students converse with current CHS students about the medical school admissions process in a COM Student Panel

3. Undergraduate students get advice from M1s and M2s from CNUCOM

Bottom Image

1. Current M1s teach undergrads and post-baccalaureate students about the importance of the Medical Skills class at COM


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