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Contribute to Sideline Newsletter by filling out the following Google Forms!

Sideline is welcoming all CHS faculty and students to join us in collecting pictures for our Sideline Summer Newsletter by filling out either one or both of the google forms below!

Fill out the following google form if you would like to submit pictures from any fun activity or event you have taken part in this summer! This could include anything related to a fun vacation, research/coursework, or a summer job that has been keeping you busy. Have fun with this!

Fill out the following google form if you would be willing to help in honoring Eshan Arora with memories you may have had with him. Many of us knew Eshan during the last two years of his time here at CHS, and Sideline would like to help honor him by collecting at least a few of the memories that we can still hold onto and look back upon if we ever wish. If you have a memory with Eshan, remember a goofy time with him, or just want to share something about the amazing person that he was, please fill out as much of this form as you desire, so that we can culminate the memory of Eshan and honor him in the best way possible.


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