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Fighting Fake News

How can we weed out lies from truth in news and media? What is fake news doing to our cultures, our country, and our values?

Join us Thursday from 12pm to 12:50pm in room 108 to discuss your perspective on this topic! You can bring your lunch with you and need not be enrolled in the class to join any of our discussions.

Living in our current society, we are constantly bombarded by information. To be a properly educated individual, it is essential to understand how to pick out the true and accurate information from the extra noise and actual lies.

This week’s topic impacts all of us, from professors to staff to students, but few of us have any particular training in it. We simply assume we can spot ‘fake’ news despite impressive evidence to contrary.

As you also know, however, pointing out ‘fake’ news hardly diminishes its impact. As potential health practitioners, you will encounter patients that have been misinformed, if not outright misled, by exceptionally persuasive advertisements and other forms of information. What is a critically-aware, competent practitioner to do?

Join us Thursday at noon in room 108 to share your ideas!


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