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Film Fridays

Are you studying for the MCAT? Do you need a break from your studies? Do you enjoy watching films? Do you like discussing the meaning behind artwork? Do you want to get to know your professors better?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then Film Fridays is for you.

This summer, CHS will host Friday film viewings and discussions to facilitate a greater comprehension of the interplay of form, content, and context through the medium of film. Using film as our object of critical analysis makes exploring narrative and stylistic techniques in the creation, conveyance, and interpretation of meaning more entertaining than tedious—even if this description itself sounds a bit stuffy!

Critical analysis emphasizes depth of understanding. It illuminates the myriad subtexts present in any object of study. Coincidentally, it is also a critical component of the MCAT exam! Fortunately, we can refine our analytical skills and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Friday film viewings enable us to hone our critical analysis skills in an open, comfortable atmosphere. They also provide faculty and students the chance to collaboratively discuss topics—no grades, no pressure.

After a long week of classes, indulge in some productive downtime. It’s like a guilt-free cheat: does it count as work if you are enjoying it?


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