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From Our 2nd Year 2+4 BSMD CHS Student


Being a 2+4 BS/MD can be very stressful at times, as I am trying to complete what most pre-med students do in four or more years. However, as I take more classes and am starting my second year at CHS, I am making so many more connections with the information that I am learning, and I feel like I have gained so much new knowledge in such a short period of time. As my transition to medical school approaches, I am even more excited to learn about the health sciences, as medical school approaches, and as I have a better understanding of how different parts of the body work from the large anatomical view of it and the tiny biochemistry of it. I chose to come to CNU and be a part of the 2+4 BS/MD program because it is the only school in California to offer such an opportunity, and because it allowed me to make the most use of the Associates degree that I received from a community college during high school. Additionally, the atmosphere of the school is not one of competition, like it is amongst most pre-med students at other colleges, but rather one of support. We, as students, are not fighting each other for spots in the medical school but are trying to help one another do well and get into the school together.

~2nd Year 2+4 BSMD CHS Student


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