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From Our 2nd Year 3+4 BSMD CHS Student


"My experiences at California Northstate University College of Health Sciences have allowed me not only to grow as a student, but also to become a more improved version of myself. The rigor in the courses has forced me to become a more responsible and disciplined individual. I learned how not to procrastinate, and how to gain confidence in myself as a learner - mainly by setting rules for myself. The tight-knit community here as given me a home away from home through strong relationships with my peers as well as faculty. Most importantly, in the last year, I had to learn how to be independent, how to manage my courses as well as transportation, food, security, and even friends. I chose CNU primarily because of the accelerated program; however, the world should know that CNU is a university that builds character in its students, something that I found very special as I was reflecting upon my freshman year at CHS. The 3+4 program gives me enough time to prepare for medical school, while shaving off a year of the typical undergraduate course of study. I like working hard, and this program allows me to do so. I hope to build upon the qualities that I have gained (from CNU) as a student, as a future health practitioner, and as a person, so that I can be a useful resource in the community. However, most importantly, I cannot wait for CNU to teach me more through even more learning experiences."

~ 2nd Year 3+4 BSMD CHS Student


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