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Get to know more about our President-Elect, Avishek Chand! An Interview by Ramneet Kaur

Ramneet: What made you run to be the President for the 2019-2020 school year?

Avishek: Well a lot of things made me want to run and one of these things was that we need more school activities, club activities, as well as a greater outreach within the Sacramento community. We are a new school, so I thought it would be more important to publicize our school in the Greater Sacramento area and have more recognition in the community.

Ramneet: What qualifications do you think you have, or past experiences that will help you throughout your Presidency?

Avishek: Well that’s a good question! Throughout high school I was involved in many clubs, many student organizations. I was involved in the community and spent many summers at the Salvation Army where I did plenty of outreach work. I really enjoy working with people and helping them; I believe that is the greatest qualification for any leadership role. In high school I was involved in many groups, as well as, starting many clubs at the school. I remember in my freshman year of high school there was not enough student led organizations and I saw that there was a need for more clubs and student organizations. So, I started up G.R.A.C.E club which is a Christian club at my high school. I was President of that club for around three years and was the

Co-President for the Glee club, as well as Treasurer for California Scholarship Federation, also known as CSF. In my senior year, I did run for ASB President; unfortunately, I was not there that year, since I had graduated early. Other than that, I have been very involved in scholastic activities at school.

Ramneet: Wow it seems like you have a lot of qualifications! So how do you think you could impact CHS? What are some activities you might want to bring in, or some changes that you might like to make during your Presidency?

Avishek: CHS is a great school and we do have a lot of great activities. I know that we do have a growing basketball team, I am hearing of a soccer team, and we have a lot that is going on right now. But I would like to do more for the students. One of the things that I would really like to do is introduce a school mascot as well as more school activities. Since we are busy pre-med students, shadowing doctors is not an easy task. I would love to bring more doctors to the school so that students can meet with these doctors and potentially shadow them. Something else I would like to do is organize study groups... Here at CNU we have PALs, but PALs also need to study, so that’s why I plan on creating daily study groups with students that struggle in certain classes. I would also like to organize more Galas so students at the school could meet with other

professionals in the Greater Sacramento area. So, I do plan to be doing much more public-based activities and community-based activities.

Ramneet: Those are all great plans. In your opinion, what do you think the mascot should be?

Avishek: In my opinion, we need a mascot that really represents the healthcare field. We need a mascot that is strong, compassionate, and caring. We are not sure of what the mascot will be as of now, but I do have some ideas of what it could be. I want the mascot to be a great representation of all the students at CHS.

Ramneet: If you were to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?

Avishek: I don’t think that I would be able to describe myself in one word. But one word that would be very good to describe me would be compassionate. Compassion is a very important quality to have as a medical professional. I choose compassionate because it has the word passionate in it. The character trait of passion is a very important quality for anyone that’s pursuing a leadership role; I do believe that I possess that trait.

Ramneet: As the future President of California Northstate University College of Health

Sciences, do you have any last words?

Avishek: I would just like to tell everyone to keep up with the great work, and that I am here for everyone. I would like people to know that I am not just a President, but a friend, a peer, a brother, and a team worker. I want everyone to be on my team, so that, together we can do great things. I am very optimistic and excited for our CHS family.

Ramneet: Thank you Avishek for your time.


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