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Getting to know Anmolpreet Kaur, a CHS PharmD Intellect. An Interview by Ramneet Kaur

Anmolpreet Kaur. Photo taken by Ramneet Kaur

Ramneet: How has your experience been as a first year 2+4 BS-PharmD student at California Northstate University College of Health Sciences?

Anmolpreet: My experience at CNUCHS has been quite interesting. I started during the summer of 2018 and am currently working my way through this tough and rigorous journey. I have learned a lot about myself and this school since the first day I have been at CHS. I have learned a lot about my studying habits, such as what seems to work best for me when studying. Academically, I am working hard to do my very best through this rigorous course and am hoping to find myself in pharmacy school by next summer. As for the environment at CHS, I love that I can talk to the professors and get one-on-one help. I have made many connections with my professors and received help through my time at CHS.

Ramneet: What do you have planned for the future?

Anmolpreet: For the future, I have plans for working as an intern or pharmacy technician during pharmacy school. I want to be able to acquire more knowledge and experience in the field that I will be going into. I want to have enough experience in the different fields of pharmacy, before I leave pharmacy school, so that I am ready to work in my chosen field.

Ramneet: Have there been any lessons that you have learned and would like to share?

Anmolpreet: Some lessons/tips I have obtained from my time at CHS are that, asking questions when you don’t understand something and studying with a group of people is very beneficial. I am a shy person and so I would always keep my questions and concerns to myself. I have learned at CHS that asking questions to your professors is key to having more success in class. Professors have office hours that can be used in order to ask any questions. Also, I have learned that studying in groups is very beneficial. When going over information, it can be very helpful in order to have multiple brains work together to get through tough material.

Ramneet: How have you been involved in CHS?

Anmolpreet: I have been involved in CHS through Pharmacy Club and a service-learning internship. I am the Vice President of Pharmacy Club, and I help with organizing events. In Pharmacy Club, we try to gain more knowledge and experience by collaborating and meeting different pharmacists and current pharmacy students. I am also involved in the service-learning internship program. Through this internship, I help Ms. Delgado with the service-learning course offered at CHS. I help with organizing the service-learning showcase in the spring and in the future, the community partner setups.

Ramneet: Do you have any advice for current or future students that will help them with their time at CHS?

Anmolpreet: Some advice that I would give to future students would be to relax and keep your mind destressed. I know this is a tough journey and it can be stressful but adding more stress before a test isn’t going to make the test any easier. Life can get stressful at moments and sometimes, it’s better to take a deep breath and relax instead of cramming two weeks of information into one day. Also getting ample sleep is very important. Sleeping and eating habits can affect test scores, so it’s better to study with small breaks in order to relax your mind.


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