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Go and Smell the Roses! McKinley Rose Garden Overview by Dildeep Singh.


Mckinely Rose Garden has a variety of many flowers trees and are in bloom. The garden spreads across 1.5 acres making it Sacramento’s largest rose garden. The garden initially had about 400 roses that grew to 944 in 1940 to now having over 1,200 roses. It is a great place for CNSU students to visit and take pictures. The park first opened in 1871 was called East Park. It was later bought by the city in 1902 for $12,500 and renamed to honor President William McKinley, who was assented in 1901. Frederick N. Evans, the city’s first superintendent, in 1929 started redesigning the park and experimented with a combination of different varieties of roses that would survive the Sacramento’s summers.

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