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How To Study For Finals! by Tejaswee Patel

Finals are quickly approaching for the Summer Semester! Here are a few tips on how to study for finals.

1. Start with a plan

Even if you are crunched on time it's important to create a general plan. Write down what you will complete each section of the day and then start studying!

2. Time

Prioritize your time! Understand what will be tested and focus on those concepts. Start with concepts you find easier to solidify the info and then move onto harder topics. Don't procrastinate!

3. Study Groups?

Figure out if studying independently or with a group would be more helpful. Studying with a group may give different perspectives and you might learn info you wouldn't on your own.

4. Change it up!

The same routine can easily get boring and even distracting. Go to a cafe or simply get away from your desk to sit somewhere else. A change of scenery can motivate you and get you to start working. Listen to study music to focus and concentrate. Switch up intense study sessions by moving onto another subject.

5. Quiz Yourself

Make sure you are actually understanding the material and not just reading another page. Periodically quizzing yourself can reduce the time spent revising and getting questions right will encourage you to keep studying!

6. Make it Fun

Yep, it's stressful that exams are so close and you're still not done studying but that stress will just waste more time. Create fun mnemonics and quick diagrams to break up the long list of notes. Reward yourself for accomplishing tasks like reading a chapter or creating a few pages of notes.

7. Take Breaks!

Even with little time, breaks are especially important! Avoid burnout by going on a walk, having a snack, or taking a nap. A 5 minute break to rest your body is better than getting nowhere by staring at a page!

8. Ask Questions

Avoid wasting time by being confused. Ask friends if they understand the topic better than you and utilize the help. Use office hours and ask teachers for help!

9. Keep a Positive Attitude

You have been paying attention in class, going over powerpoint slides, and taking notes, all the information should be in your mind. Keep motivating yourself and don't give up, finals will soon be over!

Good luck studying!


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