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IJOSS Announcement by Udhay Kahlon

Hello CHS Community,

We hope you all are having a wonderful semester! We wanted to speak to you all on behalf of something exciting happening at CNUCHS. What if we told you that you could be published in a journal for your novel research? A group of faculty and students have teamed up to create the Interdisciplinary Journal of Science and Society (IJOSS)! This is an undergraduate research journal open to individuals all over the country to submit their research. We wanted to bridge together the various disciplines to create a central place for undergraduate research to be found! Submissions are currently welcome to research pertaining to various disciplines as long as the criteria outlined on our website are met. Detailed feedback will be given to ensure that you are putting your best work forward in the journal. This is an excellent opportunity for you to receive higher recognition for your hard work. Please visit our website to find more information about us and to learn about what we aim to bring to CHS.

We are also looking for student editors to carry out organizing submissions, helping with editing, and facilitating running the website! This is a great experience to learn the background of how research/publications work. A requirement for applications is to have taken English 120! The application form can be found here.

IJOSS looks forward to seeing your work or possibly welcoming you to our team!


IJoSS Team

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