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Join Us for Our Weekly Discussion Series!

Left image, "Nagra SNST Recorder," by Matt Blaze via Flickr/Creative Commons. Right image, "Shh," by Marisa Renee Camargo via Flickr/Creative Commons

As our fall semesters motors along, it is time for critical discussion and debate on topics relevant to us all. If you joined us last year for our weekly discussion series, I hope you are able to return.

If you were unable to make any meetings last year, or if you are a new student, now is your chance to participate in lively discussions that will, among a host of other benefits, help you prepare for professional school interviews. Our weekly series, also known as HUMN 220, is open to all students, staff, and faculty. You need not have signed up for the course to participate.

We kick off our weekly discussion series (aka, HUMN 220) on Thursday, 20 September, at noon. We will meet in the Media and Communication Studio this week.

Our first topic investigates some limits of confidentiality. Instead of a reading, we have a podcast from Radiolab about a criminal case that set important precedents regarding attorneys, clients, and confidentiality. We learn a bit about the particulars of the case, some of the people involved, and what some members of society think about what attorneys should do when criminals give them information about particular crimes.

The story involves a college student camping trip gone wrong, gruesome murders, ruined lives, and, perhaps, redemption.

Although the podcast is about a criminal case, it has implications far beyond the judicial system. When patients tell doctors confidential information, there is an expectation of a certain amount of privacy. Should there be such an expectation? How far ought the limits of that privacy extend?

We hope you can join us Thursday at noon in the Media and Communication Studio. If you have any questions, send them my way!

--William (

Here is another link to “The Buried Bodies Case” podcast from Radiolab:


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