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MMI Station Prompts by Onkar Sandhu

All interviews may seem daunting, and the MMI is no exception. However, with the proper preparation, an MMI can be an exciting opportunity to showcase your application’s strengths and highlights. This can be accomplished in two ways. The first way involves intertwining your personal past experiences into your response to the MMI station’s question prompt. The second way involves practicing the variety of common dialogue questions that you can expect to be asked on interview day. Frequently asked dialogue questions include: explain a challenge you have faced in your research experience, how has doctor shadowing shaped your interests, why did you volunteer at a certain location, why do you want to pursue a career in medicine, and why you would like to attend to this specific university.

Regarding commonly seen MMI question prompts, the majority of questions will center around medical issues and ethics. This may involve tackling issues relating to medical malpractice, teamwork dilemmas in the healthcare setting, and research ethics. For instance, a question may focus on alternative medicine. This question may explain that a patient wants to undergo alternative treatment instead of chemotherapy. A good response may involve balancing the patient’s best interest while respecting the patient’s autonomy to make his or her own decision. First, it is important to recap the prompt and identify the problem. In this case, the problem is the patient could prolong his or her life by choosing the conventional treatment yet would like to pursue alternative options. Next, it is important to ask questions to gather additional information. This may take the form of asking about the patient’s expectations, why the patient does not want to pursue traditional medicine, asking what the patient knows about alternative medicine and chemotherapy. The last component of the response would involve picking a solution, and in this example, this can involve educating the patient on alternative medicine and the prospective results prior to letting the patient make the final decision. An additional useful step may involve describing other potential solutions and explaining what is wrong with those paths. If time remains, it may be helpful to integrate your experiences and resume into your response.

After answering the MMI question prompt and dialogue question, the interviewer may ask if the applicant has any general questions they would like to ask. This is a good opportunity to ask insightful questions that demonstrate you have done your research on the university you are interviewing at.


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