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Neuroscience Students at Mini-Maker Faire

Maker Faire is an event created by Make magazine to "celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself mindset." Sierra Community College in Rocklin, CA brought to us a Mini-Maker Faire, in which CHS Neuroscience students participated in a "NeuroFun" booth to children and adults of all ages. The "NeuroFun" booth emphasized one of the most fascinating organs in the body - the Brain! Children really enjoyed the Spin-the-Wheel activity, in which they answered brain questions for prizes. The booth also had face painting and art projects for younger children, as well as information about mental health awareness and neurological disorders for adults.

Written by Anusri Yanumula

Top Images Left to Right:

1. Post-baccalaureate students Krista and Catie pose with NeuroFun health brochures 2. Undergraduate students Nasrin Dhapa and Navneet Sandhu at the 'Adults' booth explain the importance of mental health and its influence on the brain and the body

Middle Images Left to Right:

3. Post-baccalaureate students Ivan and Sequoia have fun giving out goodies to young children 4. Undergrads Pavan Brar and Tim Nguyen pose in front of the very popular Spin-the-Wheel activity

Bottom Images Left to Right:

5. Yohanna, Raabiah, Pavan, and Tim make brain molds out of clay for children to study and play with

6. Dr. Olabi's Neuroscience class volunteers at the Mini-Maker Faire


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