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President-Elect Election Statements

Below are the two election statements for those running for the Student Government President-Elect position. The elected individual will serve as President-Elect for the rest of the Spring 2019 Semester and assume the position of Student Body President in May 2019.

Saifullah Nasim

1) As a student government officer, how will you impact CHS?

As a representative of our student body, I hope to continue providing students with a rich and memorable campus life. Our pathway programs tend to be rigorous and time-consuming; however, I hope to promote an engaging environment that enhances student pride. CHS should have a more stimulating environment for student involvement, in addition to being a wonderful place for health science education. I hope to enhance student engagement through various events and opportunities for interaction.

2) What qualities make you a good fit for student government?

An important part of my duties as President-Elect would be to address student concerns. Effective communication serves a vital role in our campus. By communicating with both students and administration, I will bridge the gap between the two groups in a way that enriches the professional, social, and academic environment at CHS. I will serve as a voice that not only represents our student body, but also supports, encourages, and enables it to grow.

Hamza Sultan

1) As a student government officer, how will you impact CHS?

As a second-year student at CHS, my interests are in making social, academic and extracurricular opportunities available to my classmates. Upon reflection, I found that two things made me hesitate: A feeling of inefficacy, and a feeling of lacking opportunity. In only two years, the establishment of a media and communication center, new study facilities and CHS Sideline are important steps in the right direction. I have participated in and contributed to a variety of these projects and experiences. I appreciate the student body government’s hard work in making new activities and opportunities available for myself and the CHS student body. I now feel I can give back by being a genuine representative of the interests and opinions of my fellow students. One way I will impact CHS is by making information on local internships, shadowing and volunteering opportunities readily available to the student body. After interning at the State Capitol this past Summer, I knew I would never have had the rewarding experience without knowing the opportunity exists. I will also advocate for greater opportunity to social activities outside of class. The student BBQ was a great opportunity for new and old students to exercise and bond; I want to make the coordination of these events an integral part of student wellness. My next priority is to advocate for more accessible facilities for students in physical and mental well-being. Facilities like group studying rooms, a gym, and recreation will make CHS students receive a college experience. Education, teamwork, well-being and opportunity will all be priorities of mine as the president-elect.

2) What qualities make you a good fit for student government?

I feel the three qualities which make me fit to be President-elect are responsibility, input, and command. Like many other students, I have found myself struggling to balance classes, personal commitments and extracurricular activities. In the past Summer, I took ten credits and committed to a 100-hour internship at the State Capitol. By testing my time management skills, I found that when I commit to an opportunity to learn or serve, I find a way to make it work. I served as a General Biology Peer-Assistant-Learner because I felt freshman deserve the studying tips and guidance I wish I had in my freshman year. I hope to bring my professionalism to the responsibilities of student government. I define Input as a genuine interest in learning something new everyday. In addition to reading an hour a day, I spend my time at school listening to the experiences of my classmates and professors. I know there is always something I can take away from listening to others’ advice, thoughts and concerns. Doing so challenges me to think collectively about personal and academic endeavors. In spite of my lack of experience, I genuinely want to learn as much information from as many people as I can and come to student government with an educated opinion. When taking command of situations, I first listen and think before I speak and deliberate. I want to know the facts and allow everyone to be heard so I can present an argument focused on the matter at hand. Because confrontation is the first step toward resolution, I am not afraid to take a stance and ask my fellow students to feel compelled to be representative of our rights and best interests.


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