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Sacramento Fall and Winter Activities by Lillian Jundi

The cold of the fall and winter months may convince some of us to stay inside, but there are some great fall and winter activities right here in Sacramento and surrounding areas that are great for these cold seasons. Here are just a few of those activities and events:

Ice Skating at the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink:

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The scenic Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink opens every winter in Sacramento from November to January and offers the chance to go ice skating at a beautiful outdoor ice rink. They also host special themed skate nights such as a Storytime skate, Pajama Day, and many more! More information can be found at:

Global Winter Wonderland

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Global Winter Wonderland is a unique and exciting winter experience held annually at Cal Expo. Global Winter Wonderland offers a variety of scenic activities, including magical lights, many different forms of entertainment, a huge laser gameplay activity in an over 7000 square foot arena, many fun rides, and the opportunity to meet and greet different winter characters. Global Winter Wonderland is open from November 23rd to January 6th at Cal Expo Sacramento.

More information about dates, activities, and more can be found at:

The Placerville Community Observatory

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The Placerville Community Observatory is an opportunity to view the beautiful fall and winter night sky. This free admission observatory offers beautiful views of the stars using reflecting telescopes, of two sizes - 17 inches and 14 inches. The observatory also offers a beautiful theatre, the G. Arthur Cort Sky Theater, pictured above, for sitting comfortably and simply enjoying a clear view of the night sky. More information on the Community Observatory can be found at:

The Crocker Art Museum

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Although a visit to the Crocker Art Museum is not an activity exclusive for winter, the winter is a great time to visit, allowing people to get out of the house but still stay out of the rain! The Crocker Art Museum, located right here in Sacramento, offers a variety of exhibitions and promises to open your eyes to a wide selection of beautiful art. More information about the Crocker Art Museum can be found at:


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