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Silent Thoughts by Neda Aminzadeh and Vince Thomas

The image above depicts a word cloud, which is a compilation of words used to illustrate qualitative data. While this quarantine period has been hectic, it is important to remember that all of us are in this together. The word cloud depicted above exhibits responses from a survey conducted in late April on the CHS Sideline Instagram page, where fellow students submitted their current feelings on the quarantine. Many of the students reported feelings of being stressed, deprived, tired, unmotivated, and many more. While the overwhelming number of responses show discomfort with the current state of affairs, no one is going through it alone. Every one of us is struggling during this time in one way or another whether it be adjusting to zoom classes, being back home, studying for finals, or something else. As a community, we must remind each other that these feelings are temporary. Eventually, the quarantine will end. Soon enough we will be able to see our friends and get back to in-person classes. As we enter the home stretch of this period in time, remember to stay positive and get ready for waves of fun you will experience in summer. Stay safe and good luck on your finals CHS!


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