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2019-2020 Student Election Responses (Updated 10/31/19)

Hello CHS! Thank you to all who participated in the 2019 Student Election! Please take the time to read each responses to get to know the candidates' viewpoints, accomplishments, and experience. nother thing to note is that there are vacant leadership spots. These spots will be filled by appointment by the current student body president, since the deadline for signups has already passed.

Update! 10/31/19 Student government were reopened due vacancy and confusion regarding policy. For clarification candidates in clubs can participate for student government. Club officers must petition to student government and the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs by submitting a statement explaining how the candidate can resolve a conflict of interest and handle responsibility. However, no candidate can be a treasurer of both his/her club and the student government.

President Elect Candidate: Patrick Reed

I originally transferred to CNU from the University of Michigan two years ago. I was part of the third class of students here at California Northstate, and know the ground work for the schools mission and future outlooks. I believe that I’m an ideal candidate due to my hard work, receptivity to opinions of all students, and my own thoughts on how to improve the school.

Treasurer Candidate: Vinay Channaveerappa

I understand that the position of treasurer elect for the CHS campus of California Northstate University involves the responsibilities of handling accounting of the finances for the CHS student body and ensuring that the proper Purchase Orders are filed and approved of for the purpose of providing services and community events for the CHS student body. As a person who is passionate about his community, I feel that I am a qualified candidate for the office of treasurer because I understand the responsibilities of this title, and I want to ensure that my peers have the resources that they need and the events that they want readily available, or at the very least, in a timely manner. I consider myself a friend to the entire student body, and the one priority that I find most important in any friendship is ensuring their well being and happiness. Additionally, I am resourceful and will work my hardest to ensure that the entire student body can benefit from the maximal amount of resources possible at the lowest budget.

Publicist: NONE

Secretary: NONE

2+4 President 1st Year: Candidate: Bhagvat Maheta

I believe I am an ideal candidate for this position because I am committed to and passionate about making our school a better place. I was able to serve on Student Government over the Summer and Fall terms and have been able to participate in hosting many of the events. Through these experiences, I have been able to see how I can contribute to the Student Government team and help out to the best of my ability. My main goal as a part of this team is to make the events at CNU more engaging for the students

2+4 President 2nd Year: Candidate: Kartik Goswami

As president of the 2+4 medical program, my goal is to make our student body feel comfortable with the school environment that we live in and address issues that we all feel need attention or a possible change. I want to create a good balance between our social lives and our campus at CNUCHS. We are a part of a new school and I want to help develop fresh ideas that can benefit the whole student body entity. I would like to have an impact on my fellow peers because it is one of the most rewarding feelings for me which is why I have also chosen the path of medicine. It is in my nature to promote communication amongst our community and find common ground to benefit all. If I am elected to the student government as President of the 2+4 medicine program, I would take the initiative to listen to and make necessary those concerns that are expressed by my fellow classmates and work on meeting those needs in the most beneficial way for the school. I would make a good fit student for the student government because of my qualities of authenticity, humility, and trustworthiness. I am always myself to everyone no matter who they are and I will not abandon my core values to try and please others. Instead I will see how I can help others while being true to myself. I admit I am not perfect and if I make a mistake, I will take full responsibility for it and try to fix the problem to the best of my abilities.

3+4 President (1st years): NONE

3+4 BSMD 3rd Year President Candidate: Amy Byeon

My name is Amy Byeon, and I am running to be 3+4 BS/MD third year class president. I have had the privilege of being a part of Student Government as class president for two years now, and I want to continue representing my fellow student body. During my time in Student Government, I have learned and grown so much as a student, officer, and human being; it taught me not only the responsibility, commitment, sacrifice, but also the friendships, teamwork, and fulfillment that comes with the position. Everything from planning events to voicing concerns/opinions at weekly meetings, I take pride in what we officers can do for the school and its students, and I wish to continue this journey my third year.

3+4BSMD 2nd Year President Candidate: Rahul Ramakrishnan

Communication, articulation, and experience are the 3 qualities I can provide to this position. Throughout high school, I was part of Student Government as a class representative as well as the ASB Spirit Commisioner of my entire high school. I was in charge of organizing and holding rallies, creating school-wide cheers, and ensuring a good campus environment. I was also the president of my speech and debate team that was ranked as the best program in the State of California. Communication and leadership are two qualities that speech and debate and Student Government taught me, and I would bring these qualities to my position as a 3+4 BSMD Class President. I believe I can also add the direct communication with students as I am very social and I talk with most individuals in my class on a regular basis.

4+4 President: Candidate: Arnav Wadhawan

I believe I am an excellent candidate for the 4+4 BSMD class president due to my outgoing personality and past experiences in leadership positions. During high school I attended a boarding school as a day student, this meant I stayed at school for more than 12 hours a day only to return home to study and sleep. My days were filled with extracurricular activities such as basketball, debate and tennis. I also had to attend meetings with other students and the faculty. This allowed me to serve as class president 3 years in a row and house captain for my dorm during senior year. These experiences helped me understand how to communicate efficiently with the entire student body and convey this information to the head of upper school and headmaster. I was able to hone my interpersonal communication skills and serve as a liaison for the students while making fair compromises with the faculty. I want to continue using the abilities I developed during these experiences at CNU CHS to further benefit the students in the 4+4 BSMD program.

BSPharmD President Candidate: Harleen Bahga

I believe I would be an ideal candidate for this position because I have had past experiences of leadership and various organizational skills. I have participated in my high school’s student government as a delegate by facilitating my advisor class with their unique circumstances of academic advising as well as advocating their needs as a student. I have also assisted with organizing events and meetings in my high school student government class by composing documents, communicating with other members, and planning outlines for various activities. I have also joined various clubs within CNU so I am able to have an understanding of certain organizations’ needs and concerns. Aside from various participation of clubs and past student government experiences, I believe that having a role in this form of leadership is a great position to be able to provide guidance and ensure a well suited spokesperson for certain issues and subject matters. I want to support the CHS community by seeking out the best interests and fulfilling its responsibilities by partaking in this role of the BSPharmD class president.

PMPB President: NONE

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