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After Office Hours



Did you know that Dr. Freed is an avid horror movie fan, or that Ms. Ryder is passionate about modern theatre? Perhaps you were not aware that Dr. Wostenberg loves classic films? Well, now you know.

It is hard to believe that your professors have lives outside the classroom, but, wait for it: it’s true! In fact, they might enjoy many of the same interests as you. Get to know your faculty a little more (without actually having to talk to them directly) with a new podcast series on CHS Sideline entitled After Office Hours!

Each episode will feature at least two faculty members discussing a common interest. Listen in to hear how we engage with one another on a wide range of interesting topics from the arts, to daily activities, and beyond! Sometimes we might even disagree with each other (is your mind blown yet?). The episodes are unscripted, and a true representation of our interactions with each other. Join us as we illustrate our diverse personalities and share our knowledge outside of the disciplines we study.

Are you intrigued?

Look for the first episode in the series where Ms. Ryder and Dr. Wostenberg talk about the film, Sound of Metal!


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