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Breaking News! CNU to build its first hospital in Elk Grove by 2022

Today, CNU College of Medicine announced a $750 million project to build a 250-bed teaching hospital in Elk Grove. (Yoon-Hendricks & Bustamante, 2018, para. 1). This new hospital will be the first one in Elk Grove area. Before, the closet hospitals are Kaiser and Methodist both of which are located in South Sacramento, just on the border of Elk Grove. Furthermore, this hospital will provide residency programs to graduating CNU Medical Students and other medical students as well. The people of Elk Grove will now have easy access to healthcare and emergency services. Construction of this hospital will begin sometime in 2019 and finish sometime in 2022.

CNU President and CEO Alvin Cheung said in a press conference that the new hospital will generate "4.04 billion in regional economic output" and create "24,000 new jobs" over the next 10 years. (Yoon-Hendricks & Bustamante, 2018, para. 3). Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly praised the upcoming hospital stating, "We will be training the next generation of doctors, and most importantly, it’s for the residents of Elk Grove […] That in the event that you have an emergency, you can get to an emergency room as soon as possible" (Yoon-Hendricks & Bustamante, 2018, para. 4-5).

Press Conference Highlights here:

For more information on the upcoming hospital check these links:

Here is how the hospital will look upon completion

Hospital Side View. Credits: City of Elk Grove

Hospital Front View. Credits: City of Elk Grove

Reference 1. Yoon-Hendricks, A., & Bustamante D. Elk grove's first hospital could open by 2022 with up to 24,000 jobs. Sacramento Bee. 2018. p. 1-2 2. Press- release California northstate university submits plan to build elk grove hospital. City of Elk Grove. 2018


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