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Dancing with Purpose: A Reflection by Anand Singh

At California Northstate University College of Health Sciences (CNUCHS), a new student club began in the fall of 2018 emerging from the Annual CNUCHS Talent Show. After witnessing the talent and interest for a variety of dance forms of multiple students at CNUCHS, CNU Fusion Dance emerged as a platform for students to explore new and diverse dance forms. Besides the dance training aspect, CNU Fusion Dance hopes to promote positivity and encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone while trying these new forms of dance. The club also strives to build relationships and provide an outlet for students to bond over outside of the academic stress.

As the club continues to grow, weekly workshops will be held beginning in the summer in a variety of dance forms including Bollywood, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and many more. Contact Anand Singh ( if you would like more information on the club. Until then, enjoy the first ever video published by CNU Fusion Dance to a Bollywood piece!

Watch here


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